The Refined Agent

All results are drawn from hard work, determination, and a drive to succeed. In one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, it is no wonder we have a great number of real estate agents.

With such a saturated field of competition, we must strive even harder to distinguish ourselves and carve out our own space for a lasting business.

Past Client Referrals

The above is a very simple but often overlooked staple ingredient in an agent. As a seller, find out from the agent's previous clients how close they got to the asking price. 

A prior client will be more than willing to share information if the agent did a good job, and likewise if they were sub-par. This business runs on word of mouth, and the more comfortable you are broaching relative topics, the more prepared you will be. 


Can't stand it when people don't pick up your calls or don't answer e-mails for days? An agent cannot hope to succeed if they are not able to communicate constantly. A good agent will not give you reason to call them. They will know how to deal with the situation and will contact you to keep you aprised. 

Don't constantly bombard your agent with questions you should already know the answer to. Do your research and you will discuss the situation as equals. This will make the agent eager to spend time working with you to get you a better deal.

More than just a Realtor®

Get to know your agent. Keep to know your client. If you have something in common outside of real estate, such as a hobby or passion, you may have found your niche market. If you can practice doing something you really enjoy while generating new business simultaneously, it more than doubles the efficiency of your business. 

Try to be open with people. Go and take a class in something you've always wanted to do. You have the time, you just haven't made it available. 

No Shortcuts

It's true, some agents put a home on MLS and wait for someone else to do the selling for them. This may work short term for the agent, but such a strategy is costly in the long run and affects consumers negatively. The seller won't receive the amount they deserve for their property. A good agent counsels the seller about the marketing of their home and exactly what efforts they will go to in order to sell it. After that, lines of communication must remain open, the best agents focus on making their clients happy about the situation of selling their home. 

If an agent works their hardest, it will show and the client respects that. This will make them more eager to grant a referral in the future, even if the asking price fell short. 

Stay Positive!

This is cliché, but it's true, especially in Real Estate. Our business is stressful, and it's important not get too caught up. Be thorough in your work, but take moments and step back from what you are doing to understand it better. 

Good luck out there!