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Real Estate Relationships

The business of real estate is founded on interpersonal relationships.

Publications designed to inform consumers about real estate purchases make a point to talk about who’s who. The Homebuying Step By Step Guide from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has a section titled “What Professionals Should You Call On?

It’s best to be on top of that list.

The agent, the buyer, the seller, the mortgage broker, the conveyancing lawyer, the brokerage, the movers, the real estate board, the strata, the building manager and the neighbors. Everyone deals with each other regularly and this is a blessing.

Being in such a dynamic business gives us all an amazing opportunity. Why not use all the information we have to our advantage in new ways?

It’s possible to get the BEST from your network and environment.

Who works better with your client?

This is your personal opinion. We have faced it. Everyone works better with different people. Finding the right individuals to do business together is often a bit of a puzzle. It takes time to develop, but using your internal instinct to guide you in this will often achieve the best result.

Organization is key.

How do you access your network? Is everyone on your phone? Do you have a database or spreadsheet of all your business contacts? Then, there is social media!

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for industry professionals. It connects directly with all of your e-mail contacts and subsequently offers them to connect with you. It also acts as a C.V. with links to your personal website.

Access is vital. Whatever way you organize your contacts, make sure you can connect with the person you want at a moment’s notice. One of the realtor’s greatest strengths is their agility in business. If one listing doesn’t work out, the client will appreciate seeing a new selection in their e-mail that day.

Nothing will happen if you never ask.

Imagine if you knew somebody for every situation. In this situation, you may be more eager to create new business relationships.

Always get references.

When unsure, get information from others. Your client will expect that no problems arise, and this is the best way to avoid any.

Call the people you know they worked with. This action cuts time and is very efficient in establishing strong connections. It’s not gossiping. It’s about maintaining integrity in our business.

Standing Out in the Marketplace

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Many people make this mistake in all areas of business and life, not only real estate: They take effort to make themselves known in all the right channels, but the fish aren’t biting.

Why is this?

The best way to attract new business is quite simple. It’s only difficult because of our preconceived notions of how we are supposed to look and behave as realtors. Let’s face it, you’re in this to work for yourself, you’re independent, know what you want and are very hard working.

What is it about you that makes your friends like you?

These traits will generate leads from surprising sources.

Depending on your environment, standing out to attract new business can be simple or tricky. Here are a few things to consider:

Do I Like Being Here?:

Real Estate is the business of selling space. To a certain degree, a person’s experience and well-being is determined by their environment. What does this mean to the realtor?

If you really love the location you’re working in, you will do better. 

Your “selling mood” will be easily understood by prospective clients. I knew a realtor who had a very successful year in his neighborhood. Over coffee, he told me how much he had in common with the area.

“Everyone loves to run and the restaurants are respectable and not unhealthy. Many of the people have dogs, and since I have two, I can use their walk time for networking.”

If you dread driving to the location of your listings, and would never live nearby yourself, why go through the trouble of committing your time, effort and emotional energy?

networking event prepare


Having More Conversations

Even if it’s small talk with your server, it helps. The more you get to know other people, the more prospective clients you are likely to meet. Even one individual can open doors for you that you never imagined. Once you consider networking for what it is: A golden web of opportunities, it becomes much easier to smile and introduce yourself.

Communicating regularly keeps you alert, focused and ready for when the serious conversations come up. Our business is fraught with surprises, and issues caused by miscommunication are the first things to be avoided.

As simple as it is, it is the best advice provided by most business coaches. Human contact keeps us connected and happy, so don’t be afraid to go out and empty your card holder.

Being Community Minded

In all business being community minded is a very respective virtue. A café profits by providing drinks and snacks to a theatre. The theatre company then directs attendees to the café after the show. These kinds of relationships are often overlooked in our fast paced business.

Ask yourself what you can do to help your area? Is there a community garden program you can lend a hand to? An event being put on by a local committee? Is there an art exhibition opening or a fundraiser? What business are in the neighborhood that are capable of hosting networking events?

Real Estate is a difficult business and demands much of our time, but the value from neighborhood contribution will bring a return on investment you never imagined.

Winter Warm Up – 5 Ways to Beat the Real Estate Winter Blues


The market slows down as we move into the winter season. Some have fewer listings, and many prospective buyers are taking their time to enjoy the holiday weather. Let’s also account for everyone on vacation too!

Where does this leave the agent? In a unique place to generate some opportunity and grow their business! Team 3000 members understand this, and we’re proud to say that we look forward to the slow season as a way to re-asses and recuperate before the upcoming year.

Just because we are on slow season does not mean we should let up! There are many ways to promote yourself even at a local community level. Here are some ideas:

Community Centers: Go to the community center for the area you are listing in. Ask to be a part of their next meeting. You’d be surprised at what you would learn and the people you can meet. They might even address issues that would be of direct relevance to your client. You can even sign up for a class or two!

Trade Shows: Even if it’s not a real estate exhibition, it is still vital that you maintain other interests. Something about wearing nametags makes people much more approachable and receptive. Remember to keep your card holder well stocked.

Open Houses: This one is a no brainer. What better way to gain experience and to network in real estate, then to see how your fellow realtors operate at their best. You may learn something you’ve never thought to do, which could be the missing link between sales.

Exercise: This is absolutely vital. Less opportunity for outdoor activity yields for a severe slowdown in mood and productivity. Keeping active will keep you motivated.

Set up a Meeting: Here is one that is often overlooked, but is perhaps the most useful. Why not set up a coffee shop discussion with a few colleagues? You will undoubtedly make connections and remember that you aren’t alone in this. A group discussion can potentially prove very beneficial in problem solving. Ruminating about it while drinking tea and watching the November rain pour on your window will not.