Real Estate Relationships

The business of real estate is founded on interpersonal relationships.

Publications designed to inform consumers about real estate purchases make a point to talk about who’s who. The Homebuying Step By Step Guide from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has a section titled “What Professionals Should You Call On?

It’s best to be on top of that list.

The agent, the buyer, the seller, the mortgage broker, the conveyancing lawyer, the brokerage, the movers, the real estate board, the strata, the building manager and the neighbors. Everyone deals with each other regularly and this is a blessing.

Being in such a dynamic business gives us all an amazing opportunity. Why not use all the information we have to our advantage in new ways?

It’s possible to get the BEST from your network and environment.

Who works better with your client?

This is your personal opinion. We have faced it. Everyone works better with different people. Finding the right individuals to do business together is often a bit of a puzzle. It takes time to develop, but using your internal instinct to guide you in this will often achieve the best result.

Organization is key.

How do you access your network? Is everyone on your phone? Do you have a database or spreadsheet of all your business contacts? Then, there is social media!

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for industry professionals. It connects directly with all of your e-mail contacts and subsequently offers them to connect with you. It also acts as a C.V. with links to your personal website.

Access is vital. Whatever way you organize your contacts, make sure you can connect with the person you want at a moment’s notice. One of the realtor’s greatest strengths is their agility in business. If one listing doesn’t work out, the client will appreciate seeing a new selection in their e-mail that day.

Nothing will happen if you never ask.

Imagine if you knew somebody for every situation. In this situation, you may be more eager to create new business relationships.

Always get references.

When unsure, get information from others. Your client will expect that no problems arise, and this is the best way to avoid any.

Call the people you know they worked with. This action cuts time and is very efficient in establishing strong connections. It’s not gossiping. It’s about maintaining integrity in our business.