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Social networking - Team3000

Team 3000 will follow closely the latest developments in social media and work on programs that can enhance better brand recognition and home owner loyalty. Ultimately, companies that can benefit from their social media initiatives are those who can provide "benefits" to home owners.

Latest Social Networking Trend

A Forrester Research report released recently confirmed 4 out of 5 online Canadians use social media and almost 57 per cent participate in social networks at least once a month, making them the most active social networkers of any market regularly surveyed by Forrester.

The number of Canadians using social media, including You Tube videos, blogs climbed to almost 80 per cent. Facebook is the most popular social network in Canada, with almost 10 times as many weekly visitors as MySpace. And most of the growth has come from adults 35 years or older. In fact, almost 7 in 10 (68%) online Canadians are now on Facebook.

Real Estate & Social Networking

The trend in social networking will present new challenges and new oppotunities to those who can harness the power of online technologies. Those who can effectively brand themselves will enjoy first movers advantage and benefit through better name recognition and revenues. Amongst other  practitioners, Team3000 will commit the resources to take advantage of this online social networking phenomenon marketing its services to home buyers or sellers.

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