What We're About


We're about proven methods. We at Team 3000 Commercial know how to get things done and our stellar track record demonstrates that we can be trusted.


We're about relationships. The bonds we build and the people that make up our business are what gives it heart and purpose. Without a focus on people, what’s the point of doing business?


We're about the goal. Our Agents and Managers bring direction that helps them achieve and problem solve like no one else. We at Team 3000 Commercial harness our creative energy to get the results our clients need.

Our Story

Team 3000 Realty saw a need to expand our services for our Agents and meet the commercial real estate demands of their clients.

Team 3000 Commercial was born in 2018 with seasoned Agents and Managers, delivering confidence-driven, people-oriented, and purpose-directed service. Team 3000 Commercial may be a fresh face on the Commercial Real Estate scene, but thanks to the decade of experience of our parent company, we have the knowledge and essential tools to find a home in this exciting industry.

We understand that this business is built on relationships. When we do business, we see individuals, not just buildings, and that is our strength. We are proud to provide top-notch professional services with a personable, human touch.