Winter Warm Up – 5 Ways to Beat the Real Estate Winter Blues


The market slows down as we move into the winter season. Some have fewer listings, and many prospective buyers are taking their time to enjoy the holiday weather. Let’s also account for everyone on vacation too!

Where does this leave the agent? In a unique place to generate some opportunity and grow their business! Team 3000 members understand this, and we’re proud to say that we look forward to the slow season as a way to re-asses and recuperate before the upcoming year.

Just because we are on slow season does not mean we should let up! There are many ways to promote yourself even at a local community level. Here are some ideas:

Community Centers: Go to the community center for the area you are listing in. Ask to be a part of their next meeting. You’d be surprised at what you would learn and the people you can meet. They might even address issues that would be of direct relevance to your client. You can even sign up for a class or two!

Trade Shows: Even if it’s not a real estate exhibition, it is still vital that you maintain other interests. Something about wearing nametags makes people much more approachable and receptive. Remember to keep your card holder well stocked.

Open Houses: This one is a no brainer. What better way to gain experience and to network in real estate, then to see how your fellow realtors operate at their best. You may learn something you’ve never thought to do, which could be the missing link between sales.

Exercise: This is absolutely vital. Less opportunity for outdoor activity yields for a severe slowdown in mood and productivity. Keeping active will keep you motivated.

Set up a Meeting: Here is one that is often overlooked, but is perhaps the most useful. Why not set up a coffee shop discussion with a few colleagues? You will undoubtedly make connections and remember that you aren’t alone in this. A group discussion can potentially prove very beneficial in problem solving. Ruminating about it while drinking tea and watching the November rain pour on your window will not.